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My name is
Name: Sergey Rusak
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Company: The WordStream
Position: Senior PPC Marketing Analyst

About:Sergey Rusak is an online development and marketing expert. In 2005, Sergey launched his first web development company called Manhattan Service. His company worked with over hundred clients including Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, WinSCP, Relationship Headquarters, Bunker Hill Community College and others. Currently he is working with Wordstream, a company which provides AdWords and PPC Software for businesses. In addition, Sergey helps local companies with PPC and web development consulting.
Sergey Rusak
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Sergey Rusak - Web marketing consultant from Boston, Massachusetts who can help to improve your business online.
Sergey provides online marketing, consulting, advertising, search engine optimization, and PPC services for businesses.
Sergey Rusak :: Boston, MA
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