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Sergey Rusak

Welcome. My name is Sergey Rusak. I have been making websites since 1998 when i started to help my college friends to promote their rock bands online. Before i moved to United States in 2000 i wasn't even thinking that i can open my own company and succeed managing and promoting websites.

Everything changed when i meet people who offered me part-time job at Boston-based company called Garjovan Enterprises. Firm was offering hosting service and managing online stores for small business owners. Also, during my spare time i was running hobby sites about music and Boston urban culture. In 2005 i decided to leave Garjovan Enterprises and open my own business. Everything started with ManhattanService when i began to build SEO company. In the beginning i got random clients asking me for primitive services like link building or information share. Some of them was satisfied with my job and became my regular clients. In the beginning of 2007 ManhattanService was already profitable company reciving new client (mostly through Google, v7n network, and "word of mouth") every 1-2 weeks. After summer 2007 i decided that ManhattanService can't compeete anymore in online marketing because everything changed. Today companies more interesting in Web 2.0 technologies, social network optimization, viral marketing, online video advertising and more. TechWeb Media became my new company which is SEO, web marketing, and media company which provide all types of online advertising servces.


Networking: My main company website TechWeb Media.

I also run ManhattanService and BlogUpper

Education: Belarus National Technological University

You can always ask me a question using contact form.

Sergey Rusak, TechWeb Media Founder